Volunteers in the park

At the moment there are several volunteers working in the Glen, weeding flower beds, pruning shrubs and refurbishing memorial benches in an effort to restore the Glen to the high standard we have come to expect. Cut backs in local authority budgets have led to fewer gardeners being employed to look after and maintain the gardens to their former high standard but with the assistance of volunteers it is hoped that improvements in the appearance of the Glen will soon become apparent to all.

The Friends have been restoring a traditional trader’s barrow which will be used to sell plants in order to raise funds for Friends’ projects in the Glen. This barrow was in a very sad state of disrepair but it is being restored to a very high standard by the volunteers at the Toolshed which is located in the Ecology Centre at Kinghorn Loch. The barrow has now been put together with some new sections and is ready to be painted in bright colours.