Orchard Update

1/11/21 Some of the Friends spent this morning planting four more trees in the orchard. Unfortunately, one of the original apple trees has died and this has now been replaced with a new apple tree. It was also decided to plant 3 plum trees to add to the variety of fruit in the orchard. The money for the plum trees has come from a donation to the Friends.
As happened last year, this year’s crop of fruit from the orchard was destined for a local food bank but before the crop could be harvested, person(s) unknown stripped the orchard of every piece of fruit – even the windfall. As the orchard is a part of the park, visitors passing by the orchard are welcome to help themselves to an apple or pear if they wish. However, to strip the orchard is taking things a bit too far! A message to whoever took the fruit; it was destined for a good home and would not have been left to rot on the trees!
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